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While You Were Watching

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


While you were watching Le Tour, there was also some awesome racing in our very own Vancouver backyard. We had some Pro-Tour riders racing a lot of Superweek, but this shot is two friends of mine Jeff Werner and Mike Sidic. Both dudes very supportive of a guy trying to get into racing who is broke as fuck. Both have handed down kit, gear, tons of encouragement, and a little inspiration. It’s been a lot of fun watching (and making) friends racing bikes this season, and I am pretty stoked/lucky to find such rad communities all over the place in Vancouver.

And on that note! Keep supporting the local scene! Whichever one that is! Local shops/races/parks/artists/makers in whatever scene you’re in!

In Better Light

Sunday, August 28th, 2011


Wern-Dog in a slightly different light. Actually, slightly WAY BETTER LIGHT. Seriously, I shot another roll of film after the sun really went down, and I like a lot of the images, but I kinda should have started shooting ten minutes earlier. /endfilmrant