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January 4/2012

Saturday, January 5th, 2013


The Dreamiest of Boats, Jason Edwards.

Man About Town

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Jason, you will like this one.

Found at Skate Infusion.

Jason has some Serious Business going on

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

This is me.  In theory.

Okay. So I will admit. I’ve been out of the internetting game for a while now. And I’m not just talking making posts on my own blog. I mean, the only things I did on the internet for a long time was check my email, check a handfull of web comics, and a few skate blogs.

Well things are a changin, and I’m finally getting less stressed about the day to day, and I’ve had time to check out some of my friends sites again for the first time in a long time. And Jason Edwards has some serious business going on right now.

And not to say he ever didn’t. But since school has been out I haven’t been in daily contact with Mr. Edwards, and going to his site to review his recent works has further cemented into my skull that Jason is probably one of the best photographers to come out of that institution in my year (not that I’ve graduated yet actually). But on top of being on top of his photography, he has been getting off the wall with his design work lately too.

Instant Drama

A promo for a Saskatchewan photographer

I’m quite proud to be able to say that I own quite a few of Jason’s original works. Often gifted, or sent via post by the man himself. Other works in my “Jason Collection” I’ve literally stolen from him. Some of the test prints he’s abandoned while working in the lab I’ve snatched up, as even the images he discards are excellent.

Now that you’ve seen how awesome Jason is, you should go over to his website, and send his site to any of your friends looking for commissioned photographic work, because the man can deliver, and I’d like to see him make enough dollars that he stays in Vancouver for a while. So go buy some Polaroids or prints or books or something lovely.

All images in this post belong to Jason Edwards, for more go to Jason’s site

Also, that first picture up there features another gifted photographer I went to school with Brendon Hartley jumping my crouched self in the studio at ECUAD.

Speedy Delivery

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

I'm sure he didn't hit it slow either, he's not really known for going slow..

Last night after work I went by SuperChamp to get a new tire and a cheap of really cheap riser bars to try out with the rack. As I walked in the door I was greeted by Jamie’s slightly disfigured face. Actually, he’s doing damn well considering last Sunday night he hit the back of a parked truck, and what is assumed pretty much full speed down one of the steepest short hill bombs in Vancouver. His right eye up there is totally bloodshot, and the bruising around his eye has come down (apparently) quite significantly. He’s told me there are a couple of fractured bones in there, and he’s cracked a few ribs too. It’s pretty obvious his hand (to use Jason‘s words “was peeled like a banana” and had to be sewn back up. Overall, he’s a pretty lucky dude to have walked (eventually) away with as little injuries as he did.

A close up courtesy of large format photography:


Yeah. I love shooting large format. And to those out there that claim digital is the only way to go: let it be known that this shoot was more or less completed scanned and uploaded in damn close to 24 hours after I asked Jamie if he’d like to come in to have his injuries photographed. 8×10 large format analog photography, scanned and more or less production ready. Stoked.

Also. I managed to shoot this one of superpal Jason (he was there to lend help, hence the banana quote earlier). I thought it turned out quite nicely, well; Just as well as the first one really, it’s the same light/camera set up, just shoved Jason in the seat and clicked the shutter.


Yes. Well. I had a productive day I think. On top of shooting and scanning these I was finally able to scan all the images I printed from my trip to Hope with friends from last November on Remembrance Day. Another day or two worth of work scanning at school and I’ll have a real selection of work to put onto this site, as well as to put together that long talked about portfolio. I’m pretty much going through my entire collection of negatives from the last two years and scanning all the work I’m excited about. Then I have the fun times of deciding which get to see the light of day, and when for that matter.

And on that note, there may be some changes in the works for my little blog, and by may, I mean there will be. Also superpal Jeff is helping me yet again with (re)designing my site. Hopefully things will get much much simpler, bigger nicer to look at photos in posts, and somewhere for that much spoken of portfolio to rest inside of. There’s talk of stickers even.

Well. I’m tired. More soon! I mean, look, four posts in one months time! And new work with a quick turnaround! and I have more film to process even! stoked! I’m also pretty stoked about staying home tomorrow, doing copious amounts of laundry, darning the holes in (all) my shorts and hopefully get started on drawing up a couple ideas for spoke cards. And mail! Sending mail. If I don’t have your address, please make sure I do (if you like mail).


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009


That one above was taken by the one and only Jason R Edwards. Summertime park adventures. You can expect to see a kind of joint effort developing this summer with Jason, myself and a handful of other pals. To say the least there will be some hooliganisism now that Yvonne’s video camera has found its way into our hands.

The stuff below is more from the sprint races from last month. Well I guess I can’t really say more unless I actually put some of my own things in the last post. Anyways, here is a few that I decided were neat and quickly scanned up. I need to spend a lot of time in the darkroom working on some things, after I spend some time in the darkroom printing wedding pictures. AHHH WORK WORK WORK.

Oh, a few things happening this week.. Wednesday night if you’re in Vancouver, feel like drinkin’ come by Pub 340 (on Cambie just North of Hastings street) for the Gastown roller sprints. I’ll be there to race because it’s fun. And you should be there to get drunk and cheer me on, or as some people are planning you could throw things at me while sprinting.

And on Friday, there is Night Vision. This is a totally sweet, one night only show that my friend Natasha is putting on. She was kind enough to ask for some of my work to put into the show, and I’m pretty stoked about it. She will be projecting work in Strathcona Park starting at dusk.

View Larger Map

So go out! Bring friends, meet new friends, get outside and see some lovely photographs. And you should go early and bring your skate, because there is a sweet looking street park with a really mellow hip. Though I’ve never skated it, for some stupid reason. WELL I’LL FIX THAT.







Britannia Beach

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009


On Good Friday Yvonne, Daniel and myself took off with Daniel behind the wheel for the skatepark in Squamish. We didn’t stay there all that long really, but we started to figure out some lines, and I’m looking forward pretty hard to getting back there to figure out some more. On the way back we stopped by this sweet DIY skate shack overlooking the Bay in Britannia Beach. As you can see Daniel shot this sweet photo of me. We also stopped by the Horseshoe Bay park on the way back into Van.

I have to say, of the two parks I’m definitely feeling Squamish a little more. Less flat, more vert (though only in the one corner of the deepend) and a loveseat? And two of the sections have no flat whatsoever, which is awesome, if it takes a little getting used to.

Anyways. Hopefully the first of many skate trips this summer. I made it out to Bonsor yesterday, friend Jason accompanied me with his trusty Polaroid, the results of which I’m hoping he’ll scan, there’s some that are pretty fun.

Anyone want to hit Hastings and Seylynn tomorrow afternoon?

Jason Edwards from San Francisco

Monday, February 23rd, 2009


Taken from Jason Edwards post on his flickr. The trip to San Francisco over the reading week was more or less spearheaded by Mr. Edwards as it was his grad project to go and shoot the 20×24 inch Polaroid camera at LeftSpace.

Jason shot four images (which I’m sure will be making his portfolio site shortly, the 4×5 documentation materials being at the Lab right now), my two favourites being his self-portrait while shaving (epic believe me, I was out of the room while he shot it, and was pretty blown away when I returned), and a portrait of the gentleman who put us up (put up with us?) in SanFran, Andreas Brændhaugen.

The other four members of our expedition who shot big Polaroids (all self-portraits) were Yvonne, Brendon, Amanda and myself. We are all going to be submitting our portraits as our images for this years Emily Carr grad catalogue. We figure it’s probably unprecedented that one, let alone five persons submit 20×24 Polaroids into the book. I am personally behind this because it says something about our year and the kinds of mediums we find valuable.

If you’re wondering what a camera that takes a 20×24 inch Polaroid camera looks like:


also again from Jason‘s flickr. The camera actually looks very similar to any large format view camera, only it’s got a really fancy back on it that feeds the Polaroid film through, and also, it’s really fucking big. Oh and hey, I guess there is a preview of what Jason’s self portrait looks like (he is holding it).

Anyways. I’m moving sometime this week, hopefully Wednesday if I can locate a truck or something. And it looks like there is going to be a lot of rain right through until next Thursday, which means I might not get to skate for a month (maybe more). So I’m definitely going to be trying to concentrate on that production I’ve been talking about. I’m also probably going to be doing a lot of writing over the next few weeks, as I’ve done some reading that directly relates to what I’ve been thinking about with my grad project. Well. Being busy is good.

February 21/09

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


In May last summer after becoming involved in couriering I photographed race put on by Super Champion among others.

I returned late last night from adventures in San Francisco. I have a few things to say about that city, and I assure you, they are all nice things. Pretty much epic hills, views everywhere, downtown that looks like it would be a blast to get to know via working as a courier and the city doesn’t appear to be destroying architecture that has a history to it (the way Vancouver seems to like to). Skate spots galore, and skaters everywhere as well, actually the first three people I talked to that were native to SF happened to be skaters (at one point or another) and two of them worked in the camera shops I stopped by. I actually did some street skating, at a spot I had seen in the last (the Green) issue of Color Magazine (though I didn’t manage to land the wallride, as some asshole walked over and pissed on the wall in the middle of my one man session). I also managed to meet a challenge of my friends while we waited for the bus in our last moments in San Francisco, doing an ollie through a large ship tie down by the ferry building (I’m hoping to have the Polaroid Jason shot in my grips shortly so that I can show my parents what my mediocre skating looks like).

I’ll have to admit though. And in many ways I’d like to apologize to my friends on the trip with me; but I was really bummed for a large part of the trip. As stated in this post I’ve been really down on where I am with my photography lately. My habitual overthinking everything in my life tends to do that to me. But when on a trip with some of the best friends I have, all of which are excited about taking photographs, and physically taking large numbers of them, I bummed myself out. And I let it show. I feel like, and was assured by more than one confidant, that I did indeed bring the mood of the trip down.

I bummed myself out because I wasn’t as inclined as I (totally) should have been (really excited) to photograph the trip. And with all my amazing photographer friends around being excited, I outed myself from the group; being the dude who isn’t certain about what he’s doing there. I decided that I wasn’t a valuable part of the group, because I wasn’t contributing; as a result I contributed even less, and that was stupid.

I can’t say that I’m back to being excited with where my photographs may or may not be going, but I will say that two things made me snap out of the funk a little. The first being that upon seeing the results of shooting the 20×24 Polaroid camera my friends and I made the pilgrimage to shoot, I couldn’t let myself not shoot an image. That image broke the bank in many ways, but it was an opportunity that I quite possibly will never have the chance at doing again. And once I saw the images I actually wanted to cry a little. I think I’ve talked before about fetish-izing the photograph and the print, and the objects (the prints) themselves and the images coming out of them speak so much about many things I care about in the photograph.

That first thing happened, and then afterwards in a fancy lounge/bar atop San Francisco’s Mariott I had a conversation with my friend Brendon that I needed to have. It in many ways reaffirms that I need to work harder, or possibly just keep working. That is, I’m not sure what direction my photographs are moving in, and I’m not sure what kind of things my photographs say or mean to others; I’m letting it bug me out. Then I need to forget about that. I need to just take photographs. That’s it.

It’s pretty ridiculous that these things, the act of simply shutting up and taking/printing photographs, is some kind of revolution. But being a stress case, overthinking everything in my life is making me unproductive, and unhappy. And then again, I need to start putting these personal revolutions in action, walk the talk as it were. I need to actually physically make photographs and then some of the issues I’m having with hopefully wrinkle themselves flat.

Anyways, I guess to my friends, I’m sorry that I’m pretty bummed out about what I’m doing right now, and it was pretty unacceptable for me to be such a downer. But I’m going to try to shut up about it all and just do things. If I don’t I’m going to miss out on something else.