Google able to search Images

Well. I don’t usually makes posts without an image or video, but this one seems pretty warranted, it’s also the reason I need to make time to keep up on industry type things, by reading sites like APE more often.

Case in point, The Google has started to have the ability to search images. That is, drag and drop an image from somewhere, pow, shows you what webpages it appears on. Putting a few images of my own that were kicking around my desktop yielded only my own webpage as a result, but the search is good enough that it brought back: the main page of my site, the post title page (permalink) and even the archived link by month. Again, lucky for me my site was the only result brought back (at least, for the few images I put through as a ‘test run’. APE has the articles on the announcement and another recent one particular to copyright issues you could use as a starting point if you happen to discover your images being used somewhere else illegally. Get to it!

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